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Massimo Banzi

Massimo Banzi is the co-founder of the Arduino project and CTO of Massimo again offered us an arduino workshop together with his partner Allesandro


Eno Henze

In his artistic work Eno Henze explores the aesthetic and philosophical implications of man-machine cooperation. He creates drawings, installations and performances that oscillate between human and machine origin, digital and analogue, determinism and intuition. Eno is one of the curators of the NODE Exhibition

Max Wolf

Max Wolf is an  associate of the vvvv group, developers of the VVVV programming language and founder and associate of MESO digital interiors.


Frieder Weiss

Frieder Weiss is an engineer in the arts and expert for realtime computing and interactive computer systems in performance art, living in Nürnberg and Berlin. He is the author of EyeCon and Kalypso, video motion sensing programs especially designed for use with dance, music and computer art. He works as commisioned developer, artistic colaborator or producer of own works.


Lutz Dammbeck

Lutz Dammbeck is a free graphic designer and filmmaker working in Dresden and Hamburg. He has been producing documentaries and experimental films since the mid-70s and founded his own production company in 1990.

Besides film he also produces cross-media projects such as "Herakles-Konzept", an ongoing assembly of painting, film and collage.



joreg is co-founder of the vvvv group and core-developer of the multipurpose toolkit vvvv. besides he teaches and is concerned with the integration of sound, image and computer code.

Verena Kuni

Verena Kuni is scholar in the field of history and theory of art and media cultures and professor for Visual Culture at Goethe University, Frankfurt Main.


Phillip Dickmann (diki)

Philipp Dikmann is a designer with a playful and holistic approach to graphic and interaction design. He has been drawing since kindergarten & coding since 286 and recently finished his diploma thesis entirely in vvvv. He knows his way around such diverse fields as computer graphics, generative art, physical computing, game design, synthesizers and magna doodles, has had contact with a fair amount of programming languages and is comfortable with telling computers what to do.


Katharina Mayrhofer (kathi)

Katharina Mayrhofer was born 1983 in Linz/Austria. She graduated from the University of Applied Science Salzburg/Austria in 2008 with a Master Degree in MultiMediaArt. She realized several projects in the field of conceptual mediaart, which are characterized by minimal and functional aesthetics.


Pedro Mari (defetto)

Pedro is longterm vvvv veteran and member of the audiovisual group Abstract Birds. He will play on Thuesday night in the cafe with his partner Natan.

Natan Sinigaglia (dottore)

Natan is member of the audiovisual group Abstract Birds. He will play on Thuesday night in the cafe with his partner Pedro.



Julien Vulliet (Vux)

Julien Vulliet is a programmer based in London, specialized in image processing and projection systems


Woeishi Lean (woei)

woei is creating and producing inbetween the domains of design, technology and live visualisations. Reassembling methods from those fields he aims to establish a direction of generative-interactive Design, using his skills to realize integral concepts from the programing framework to design details.


Alessandro Masserdotti (ales9000)

Alessandro Masserdotti is one of the founders of dotdotdot, a Milan based studio of exhibition and interaction design.


Elliot Woods (sugokugenki)

Elliot Woods completed his Masters in Physics at the University of Manchester and has since been working on new media installations and developing technologies and products. He is now 1 half of 'Kimchi and Chips' interaction design studio based in Seoul.


Simon Harris

Simon Harris is a Berlin-based sound artist and Max/MSP programmer working in the fields of live electronics and sound installation. WIth his improvising audio-visual collective Pan Am Scan, he has released music internationally on labels like Flau, Our Small Ideas and Home Normal and toured the UK and Poland.


Sebastian Huber (sebl)

Sebastian Huber, *1983, is a german multimedia designer.
His focus is on generative and/or interactive (motion)graphics mostly done in vvvv.


Arístides Job Garcia Hernández (lasal)

Graduate Building Surveyor at University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain) with a wide expe-rience in Electronic music production, sound design for dance and artistic installations and organization of artistic events.


Steve Valk

Steve Valk is Head Dramaturge of Ireland`s Daghdha Dance Company, one of Europe`s most pioneering arts organizations and founder / CEO of  „r.i.c.e.“ an international dramaturgical and social choreographic agency with headquarters in Frankfurt Germany.* From 1992 until 2004 he was a creative partner and head dramaturge for William Forsythe and the Ballett Frankfurt.


Alexander Graf

Alexander Graf studied Mediadesign at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle(Saale). He worked as cameraman, film editor, VJ, interaction and motion designer. In all of his works he is looking for the perfect mix of media, in a dramaturgical, aesthetical and originative way.


Jens Freihoefer

Jens' passion for music and technology started at the age of 15, beginning spinning records at partys and getting in touch with simple lighting control systems based on DMX. Having a general affinity for software he began experimenting with software like logic, reason, cubase and ableton to create electronic music and creative interfacing through MIDI, OSC and analog and digital triggering.


Stefan Bergheim

Dr. Stefan Bergheim has been the director of the Center for Societal Progress since the beginning of 2009. Before launching the Center, he worked for leading international banks such as Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan in Frankfurt as an economist. Between 2002 and 2008, he worked for Deutsche Bank Research on topics such as growth, demographics, education and happiness.


Ludwig Engel

Ludwig Engel studied cultural sciences, economics and communication sciences in Berlin, Shanghai and Frankfurt/Oder. He is a future researcher and future mobility expert, focussing on transformative processes in the urban context. Since 2005 he works for Daimler's Society and Technology Research Group on a variety of future-related topics.


Stefan Schwabe

In 2010 Stefan graduated from Burg Giebichenstein in Halle with "TROBLION - künstlich beseelt". Placed between art and design Stefan Schwabe is working on interaction-concepts and kinetic sculptures. He exhibited "Episureo" at the Ars Electronica 2008 and "Cut and Paste" at  the Uncharted exhibition in Istanbul in 2009. Stefan Schwabe is currently following the MA course of Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.


Daniel Stempfer

Born in Austria, lives and works in Frankfurt / Main.
Student at Städelschule Frankfurt.


envis precisely

envis precisely is a studio for interaction design, interface design and generative art based in Munich, Germany. They design what people see, hear and feel when interacting with devices, software and information.


Marius Watz

Marius Watz (NO) works with software processes as an aesthetic material. His work is concerned with hardedged rule-based geometric abstraction, exploring the expressive potential of generative systems. In 2005 Watz founded Generator.x, a curatorial platform that has resulted in a series of events related to generative art and design.


Sebastian Oschatz

Sebastian Oschatz, founding partner of the design studio MESO Digital Interiors GmbH, originator and one of the original authors of vvvv.


Frieder Nake

Frieder Nake has been producing pieces of digital art long before the screen was the output device of choice.

Not without good reason is he considered a pioneer of computer arts. He started exhibiting his work as early as 1965, being part of some of the first exhibitions on computer art ever held, including the famous Cybernetic Serendipity 1968 in London, and Biennale Venice 1970.


Klaus Mainzer

Klaus Mainzer is a german philosopher and systems scientist.
He studied mathematics, philosophy and physics and has been teaching and researching at the intersection of science, technology and philosophy ever since.
He is director of the Carl von Linde-Academy (TU Munich), member of several international institutes such as the Institute for Advanced Study (TU Munich), International Research Center for Education and Information of the Beijing University or the Academia Europaea (London).


Scott deLahunta

Scott deLahunta is Senior Research Fellow, Coventry University/ R-Research Director of R-Research Wayne McGregor|Random Dance and Programme and Research Coordinator for Motion Bank, a new four-year project of The Forsythe Company providing a broad context for research into choreographic practice.


Sebastian Gregor (gregsn)

Sebastian Gregor is part of the vvvv group, one of the main developers of vvvv and principally involved in the language design of vvvv.


Paul Prudence

Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer working with generative and computational systems. He is particularly interested in the ways in which sound, space and form can be synthaesthetically amalgamated. He is a researcher in the fields of visual music, process art, and computational design.


Christian Engler (wirmachenbunt)

Chris Engler teaches vvvv at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts & Design since 2004. As part of his job at the University, he developed not just the very first dome projection system with vvvv (ICH²) but also a neat Multitouch Table called Future Ocean Explorer. Chris runs a design studio in Hamburg called wirmachenbunt.


Nils Buhlert (phlegma)

Born in southern Germany in 1981. Started studying Informations - und Elektrotechnik in 2002. Changed Univerity in 2003. Changed study path to Media System Design at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt; spent practical experience semester in 2008 with Meso in Frankfurt. Diploma in 2009 “Webbased Configuration Interface for VVVV”. Since summer 2009 he is working for Meso Digital Interiors as a Freelancer.


Tebjan Halm (tonfilm)

Tebjan Halm has studied mathematics and computer science and is closely related to the vvvv group as an active developer since 2004.


Matthias Zauner (sagishi)

Matthias Zauner studied Digital Media at the Fachhochschule Hagenberg. After his internship at Meso Digital Interiors in 2006, VVVV became his weapon of choice and he continued working for Meso on several projects.


André Knörig

André Knörig is an interaction designer with a distinct interest in physical, embodied interactions. André is working as a researcher at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, where he is also project lead of Fritzing, an ambitious open source hardware initiative.


Phillip Steinweber (phl)

Philipp Steinweber is a concious media designer, covering a broad field of activities. He gained lots of experience in navigating through highly multimedial workflows during his projects for MESO Digital Interiors since 2007.


Elias Holzer (elias)

Starting of as an intern he began working for the vvvv group as a programmer in 2008. The work he's done so far includes the COLLADA plugin, which allows vvvv to load 3D scences based on the open COLLADA standard.


Rainer Kohlberger (rrrr)

Rainer Kohlberger is an Austrian born Freelance Visual Artist and Designer living in Berlin. He is member of the collective pan am scan improvising artists based in berlin. they form their sound simply with vibraphone, drums and live processing.


Johannes Timpernagel

Johannes Timpernagel, *1985, is a motion and interactive designer from Halle, Germany. He works in the fields of generative graphic-design, audioreactive visualsand interactive installation done in VVVV.


Chris Plant (catweasel)

Chris Plant has been creating live visuals for nearly 20 years, ranging from vjing, content and visual playback systems for TV shows and rock tours, to more recently building projections in Vienna, Berlin, Qatar and Cannes.


Jacob Korn

Besides his actual profession on the interface of audio, visual and dance Jacob Korn has also been producing electronic music for what seems like an eternity. Born to parents with progressive dispositions and a record collection to match the path that led him to the 2007 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto had long been paved. Early in his career he combined Hip Hop and Techno with elements of Jazz and weird electronics under the moniker Granufunk. Under his civil name he is now focussing predominantly on classic but versatile Techno and House.


Frank Langer (frank)

Frank Langer worked for 3 years as broadcast cameraman and got interest in interactive video. At university he dived into video tracking, gestures and lighting, which he completed with his graduation on Digital Film Production Techniques.

Graduation work was done with V4 and kindly supported by Meso / Max Wolf. His particular interest covers the field from light->capture->algorithm->interaction with image Frank lives and works in Cologne as Interaction Designer for ag4 mediafacade.



ID_Frankfurt/ Independent Dance is a collective of almost 50 artists that are working and living as independent, professional dancers, choreographers, dramaturges and theater educators in Frankfurt.

With their variety of artistic approaches and their broad spectrum of aesthetic and content-related expression they add to the offer of Frankfurt's established institutes.



Strukt Studio is a design agency specialized in events and exhibitions. Their working field comprises interactive design, generative design, motion design, stage design and graphic design. Besides their commercial work they support cultural institutions and invest in research and development of new technologies, mainly multi-touch hard- and software.


Matthias Böttger

Matthias Böttger studied architecture and urban planning in Karlsruhe and London. He heads the Berlin-based think-tank “raumtaktik — spatial intelligence and intervention”. 2007/2008 he was Visiting Professor for Art and Public Space at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremburg. In 2008 he was commissioner and curator for the German contribution “Updating Germany— Projects for a Better Future” to the 11th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

Daniel Tauber

Daniel Tauber is a Designer currently living and working in Munich.
Born in a small town in the heart of Bavaria, he studied Design in Bolzano (IT), Istanbul (TR) and Lausanne (CH). Prior to his studies he worked for 3 years as Interface and Web Designer in multimedia and advertising agencies in Munich and travelled the world for 2 years.


Jonas Bohatsch

Jonas studies Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since 2006.In his works he deals with the consitution, reception and enhancement of digital media.
His works have been shown at the European Media Arts Festival in Osnabrück and the FILE Festival in São Paulo. "v+" was also nominated for the FILE PRIX LUX.


Florian Egermann

Florian Egermann works as a graphic designer, programmer and media artist in colgone, germany. His focus are installations and video performances, surveillance, public interventions, the human body and site-specific artworks.