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abstrakt Abstrakt

The Systemized World

Through the exhibition 'abstrakt Abstrakt - the systematized world' we seek to analyze the nature and effect of abstraction systems.

Abstraction systems reproduce the 'world' in a new medium (e.g. the financial system) and have great effect on our lives through complex regulatory circuits. The extensive and powerful autonomy of such systems becomes obvious in moments of their dysfunction, like during the interruption of air traffic due to a scientific simulation of a vulcano cloud, or by the drop of the stock market due to automated computer trade. Under a regime of rationality scientists and engineers become performing agents of this development, and bring ever new abstraction systems (and even abstractions of abstraction systems) into action, empowered by computerization and softwareization.

The NODE festival emerged from the 'scene' of users and developers of the programming language vvvv, which is widely used for the realization of art and design projects. Coming of age, it is not solely committed to these roots, yet two dispositions still characterize its pursuit: on the one hand there is a great familiarity with the 'workbench of abstraction' (programming / conditioning of machines), and on the other hand we share an artistic perspective, which is interested in the social and philosophcal implications of this work.


The exhibition 'abstrakt Abstrakt' collects works by several international artitsts that reflect these new condtitions of artistic production. The nature and effect of abstraction systems becomes apparent in works of digital and mathematical nature as well as in pieces that analyze, observe and transform artefacts of an abstract society.

Exhibiting Artists

Ralf Baecker, FIELD, Ben Fry, Leander Herzog, Robert Hodgin, Thilo Kraft, Brandon Morse,Louise Naunton Morgan, John Powers,Patrick Raddatz, SOFTlab, Jorinde Voigt, Zimoun

Curation: Eno Henze, Marius Watz


Exhibition “abstrakt Abstrakt - The Systemized World”
Frankurter Kunstverein
November 16-20, daily from 11 am -midnight
Opening: Monday, November 15, doors open: 6 pm, welcome notes: 8.30 pm

Tickets for the exhibition don't have to be bought online. You can purchase them directly on site. The regular Frankfurter Kunstverein fees apply. However, by buying a NODE ticket online, the exhibition is already included.


** Abstrakt Brunch **

Cafe im Kunstverein
Tuesday, November 16, 11:00 - 13:00

Artists: Ralf Baecker, Brandon Morse, John Powers, SOFTlab, Zimoun

As part of the "abstrakt Abstrakt - The Systemized World" exhibition the NODE team are hosting an informal brunch at the Cafe am Kunstverein. Curators Eno Henze and Marius Watz will introduce the exhibition, followed by short presentations by five of the artists. We then open the floor for discussion.

Pastries will be provided, coffee and refreshments will be for sale in the cafe.