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Pan Am Scan (Opening Performance)

The Berlin-based collective specialize in coarsely textured blankets of sound that take in crystalline cymbal-showers, bell-like resonances and shattering electronic impulses punctuated by tactile percussion patterns.

VVVV Keynote

Insights to the devvvvelopers' diary of the past two years plus attempts to interpret our collective dreams. People interested in the evvvvolution should be looking forward to this talk.

schauen sie sich das an!

Abstract Birds

We are happy to have our friends 'abstract birds' (italy) performing their new piece in Frankfurt. Abstract birds are Pedro Mari and Natan Sinigaglia, two visual music artists. Their work combines images with sounds through the use of musical instruments interfaced with generative systems dedicated to audiovisual creation in real time.

Patcher Kucha Talks

Photo: Andreas Koller

In a cozy lounge atmosphere during the so called Patcher Kuchas you´ll have the opportunity to provide an insight into your work, to meet and talk about tech, tunes and rock 'n' roll. Bring your projects. think about what you are willing to show. Max will gather the presentations for the night during the day.

Paul Prudence

Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer working with generative and computational systems. He is particularly interested in the ways in which sound, space and form can be synthaesthetically amalgamated. He is a researcher in the fields of visual music, process art, and computational design. Beside his Piece Rynth[n4] he will show his new performance.


A happy new How² Session

how does this work? how was this made? how do you do it? how is the knowledge about things, their construction, production and handling processed and facilitated? how are how-to’s made? how2:how2 is a research project dedicated to how2’s.

Please feel free to start your own How2 yet. Just download our prepared form.

with Verena Kuni, Christian Faubel & Ralf Schreiber


Kunst und Musik mit dem Tageslichtprojektor

a realtime audiovisual performance by christian faubel and ralf schreiber. two persons, two overhead projectors, two screens and two sound systems.
a double projection,  that displays magnified, filtered distorted images of what happens on the screens/fresnel lenses of the projectors. with these images the small sounds of what happens on the projectors are filtered, distorted and amplified.
this happens as an ongoing realtime process and something magique happens – a synaestetic process is triggered – images and sound go together, everything is transparent and happens in the here and now. what you see and hear is a live experiment and improvisation with small electro-kinetic devices and machines arranged on the ohp- projectors.


The NODE VVVVinissage
November 20th, 22:22, Rockmarket - Stephanstrasse 1-3

Artists: Aoki Takamasa - Raster Noton, Jacob Korn - Uncanny Valley, Nu - White, Manuel Raven, Christopher Schwarzwälder - Ploing Ploing, Krystyna - Club der Visionäre




The nightly events are open to the public. No need to buy a ticket, except for the VVVVinissage. Just drop by and join us!

what: Opening
MondayNov 15th18:00 - 21:00
where: Cafe
what: Pan Am Scan
MondayNov 15th21:00 - 00:00
where: Cafe
what: vvvv keynote
TuesdayNov 16th19:00 - 21:00
where: Cafe
what: Abstract Birds - Genesi
TuesdayNov 16th21:00 - 00:00
where: Cafe
what: Patcher Kucha Talk
WednesdayNov 17th19:00 - 21:00
where: Cafe
what: Paul Prudence
WednesdayNov 17th21:00 - 00:00
where: Cafe
what: Patcher Kucha Talk
ThursdayNov 18th19:00 - 21:00
where: Cafe
ThursdayNov 18th21:00 - 21:30
where: Cafe
ThursdayNov 18th21:30 - 00:00
where: Cafe
what: VVVVinissage
SaturdayNov 20th22:22 - 00:00
where: Rocket