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Strukt Studio is a design agency specialized in events and exhibitions. Their working field comprises interactive design, generative design, motion design, stage design and graphic design. Besides their commercial work they support cultural institutions and invest in research and development of new technologies, mainly multi-touch hard- and software.

At the NODE10 festival two of the five founding members will talk about this research: Tanja is the driving force behind the Struktable hardware while Thomas leads the application development. 
Strukt is supported by Thomas Pintaric, a research assistant at the Institute for Software Technology and Interactive Systems of the Vienna University of Technology. Besides being the lead developer of the MINT Framework, he is directly involved in research projects in the areas of virtual reality, media processing, web-based information systems and 3d tracking systems.

what: Multitouch Paradigms
ThursdayNov 18th14:30 - 17:30
where: The Cube