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Paul Prudence

Untitled [Bioacoustic Phenomenon]

Untitled [Bioacoustic Phenomenon] is live generative cinematic exploration of sonically activated biological events, specifically evolving cellular entities that grow in response to sound vibrations.

The piece uses a variety of techniques to translate sound directly into visual morphogenetic material - from real-time sound analysis methods to direct translational sound mapping via OSC and MIDI. A variety of found sound and field recordings form the base materials for the synthesis of sound design.


Rynth[n4] is a visual music study where sounds are used generate transformations, deformations and surface texture modulations of geometric primitives and mathematical surfaces. The animatronics of Rynth takes cues from the realms of gyroscopic devices and anti-gravity contraptions.


who: Paul Prudence
WednesdayNov 17th21:00 - 00:00
where: Cafe