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At node10, how2:how2 will ask makers and thinkers, participants, visitors, and passers-by to contribute a how-to to the research collection.

A simple entry form will be available online (see below) and at the node festival lounge.

If possible, the how-to’s collected at node10 will be presented and made available during the festival.

To learn more about the project, meet us at node10 and join our happy new how2:how2:node session on thursday.

We’re planning to publish and share all entries to the how2:how2 research collection online – thus make sure all materials can be licensed under cc-by-nc-sa (or an equivalent licence).

For more info pls. contact Verena Kuni (

who: Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber, Verena Kuni
ThursdayNov 18th21:00 - 21:30
where: Cafe