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Lecture Session: Digital Media in Performing Arts

This lecture session covers the subjects around digital media in performing arts. Today many performances -contemporary as well as classical- are accompanied by digital technology. In this session we have different people who are working or researching in that field and  know the scope and their effect on rehearsing processes.

Your chairman is Steve Valk. He is head dramaturge of Ireland's Daghdha Dance Company, one of Europe's most pioneering arts organizations and founder / CEO of  „r.i.c.e.“ an international dramaturgical and social choreographic agency with headquarters in Frankfurt Germany. From 1992 until 2004 he was a creative partner and head dramaturge for William Forsythe and the Ballett Frankfurt.

Workshop Member Performance with ID_Frankfurt / Independent Dance

The related NODE Workshop with Woeshi Lean, Alexander Graf and Dancers from ID_frankfurt /Independent Dance is dedicated to the research and development of a short media based dance performance. Together with the workshop members they will have been working on this performance for the whole NODE week. Media support by all the workshop members, Alexander Graf and Woeshi Lean.

Scott deLahunta

traces of physical intelligence - bringing choreographic ideas and processes into newly productive exchanges with both general audiences and experts from other disciplines

Scott deLahunta is Senior Research Fellow, Coventry University/ R-Research Director of R-Research Wayne McGregor|Random Dance and Programme and Research Coordinator for Motion Bank, a new four-year project of The Forsythe Company providing a broad context for research into choreographic practice.

Still from annotated video illustrating allignments, the way in which Forsythe designs relationships in space and time Credit: Synchronous Objects Project, The Ohio State University and The Forsythe Company


Frieder Weiss

Frieder Weiss is an engineer in the arts and expert for realtime computing and interactive computer systems in performance art, living in Nürnberg and Berlin. He is the author of EyeCon and Kalypso, video motion sensing programs especially designed for use with dance, music and computer art. He works as commisioned developer, artistic colaborator or producer of own works.

Photo from Glow: 25min Solo Dance Performance. Collaboration with: Gideon Obarzanek.
Produced by Chunky Move

Frieders Eycon Software