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From zero to Wow!

Curated by the vvvv group, the workshops will be a platform for discussing and teaching media-technical subjects as well as to develop new ideas and concepts. The series of workshops is centered around the various fields of application for the multipurpose toolkit vvvv. Besides opportunities for newcomers to learn the basics and make their first steps it also features workshops targeted at intermediate and professional users.

Participants need to bring a Windows Laptop.
Most of the workshops will be held in english.

Throughout NODE10 there will be open lab spaces providing the opportunity for open discussions.

vvvv keynote

Insights to the devvvvelopers' diary of the past two years plus attempts to interpret our collective dreams. People interested in the evvvvolution should be looking forward to this talk.

vvvv what?

vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.

vvvv uses a visual programming interface. Therefore it provides a graphical programming language for easy prototyping and development. vvvv is real time - where many other languages have distinct modes for building and running programs,

vvvv only has one mode - runtime. Applications written in vvvv are commonly called patches. Patches consist of a network of nodes. Patches can be created, edited and tested while they are running. vvvv is free for non-commercial use and available for download at its website. Any commercial users require a license.