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VVVV as a Language

vvvv has many faces: Firstly there is a huge node library itself covering a variety of purposes. Then there is the actual edit-while-running environment. But finally there is also a more theoretical view of vvvv as a graphical programming language with its syntax and semantics. In turn we will talk about its concepts, like dataflow and modularity, and its primitives, like nodes, pins & links. Concerning data we will talk about types and subtypes, discuss implicit vs. explicit spread types and their relation to generic types. Concerning code we will talk about evaluation strategies, purely functional nodes, states and their position within space and time. We will promote features and attack drawbacks with ideas for future versions.

Interest in theory. Not really necessary, but familarity with other language paradigms besides vvvv's dataflow concept would help: e.g. object orientation or functional programming


who: Sebastian Gregor (gregsn)
ThursdayNov 18th14:30 - 17:30
where: DeNiro