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Video LED with e:Cue

Traxon | e:cue is proud to be a sponsor of the NODE10-Forum for digital Arts:

We think the combination of the creative possibilities of the VVVV Software and flexible LED fixtures, LED matrix systems and pixel mapping capabilities of the Traxon | e:cue product family open up new possibilities for both artistic and impressive installations and projects around the globe.

MESO and VVVV have shown an outstanding passion to both art and function in several projects and this passion is the reason we want to be part of the NODE10 Forum for digital arts. If you would like to know more about Traxon | e:cue, please click here:

The workshop will consist of a general overview of projects realized and featured products as well as a deep look onto the capabilities of video mapping onto DMX controlled LED fixtures and matrix systems. Using the e:cue Patchelor Software and the Video Micro Converter Interface ( ), Traxon | e:cue  successfully closes the gap between video and DMX. As the workshop will also feature a lot of Traxon | e:cue LED fixtures and Matrix systems, the course will be as hands-on as possible.



Video Micro Converter (VMC) is a compact device used to convert a DVI signal to DMX or e:pix*, for LED control of large media screens.  Specially designed to easily output video content on LED media installations, one VMC grabs video signals of up to 4096 pixels.  For video lighting installations requiring more than 4096 pixels, multiple VMCs can be daisy chained to convert the entire DVI signal to DMX or e:pix.

The VMC features very flexible pixel mapping capabilities for demanding LED installations ranging from a few hundred, to one million pixels. There are two available versions  of this device;  VMC outputs DMX and e:pix, while the VMC DMX outputs only DMX.

*e:pix is an e:cue protocol similar to DMX, for faster communication between the VMC and Traxon e:pix-capable LED media products.

64 PXL Board:

Due to its 64 individually addressable pixels, the Traxon 64PXL Board is one of the most efficient solutions for medium to high resolution video replay. The fixture offers control flexibility by featuring DMX and e:pix/DVI input signals. Due to the high brightness and color consistency of the 64 individually controllable LEDs, as well as its narrow pixel pitch, the 64PXL Board RGB meets the demands of commercial, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.


The IP67-rated Traxon Mesh RGB is a highly versatile modular and semi-transparent LED screen that provides the perfect all-purpose solution for challenging surfaces where unique, eye-catching decoration is needed. . Each Mesh unit consists of eight grid elements connected by flexible joints, making it suitable for use on any surface, and giving it a significant benefit over conventional LED products. One Mesh unit comprises five strings, each with 32 pixels, resulting in 160 individually-controllable pixels. IP67-rating and UV resistance guarantee that the fixture is able to be used for any kind of outdoor applications.


who: Jens Freihoefer
ThursdayNov 18th14:30 - 17:30
where: Lab