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Arduino and the TinkerKit I

Interacting with real world with Arduino and the TinkerKit

Until now interacting with physical objects has required knowledge of sensors, actuators, microcontrollers and electronics in general. With the advent of Arduino, the Arduino node in vvvv and the new TinkerKit anybody can build complex physical interactions without any prior knowledge.

During this workshop we'll explain what physical computing and how it relates with vvvv. We'll use a modular sensor system called the Tinker Toolkit to make it all incredibly simple for the participants.
Participants must bring their own laptop with a working installation of vvvv and we'll provide a number of Arduino and Tinker Toolkits. If somebody wants to keep their toolkit can purchase them on the spot at a special discounted price.
Note: The knowledge you acquire during the workshop is not specific to the Toolkit and also applies if you just want to use an Arduino board and make your own sensors.


* Intro to Physical Computing, Arduino, sensors and actuators, digital vs analogue
* Discussion of the different options for interfacing Arduino and vvvv, demos of Firmata and the Arduino node for vvvv
* 1 Experience: Reading sensors in vvvv
* 2  Experience: Digital sensors vs analogue sensors
* 3 and 4 Experience: vvvv controlling different kinds of actuators (LEDs without DMX, motors and servos)
* 5 Experience: Putting all together: Arduino, vvvv, projections, sensors and actuators
* 6 Experience: Build a small personal project
* Closing session: Under the hood
BEWARE: The workshops Arduino I and Arduino II are the NOT consecutive. They are the exact same thing, covering the exact same topics, both starting from zero. There's two of them so more people can learn about Arduino. Just so you know. If you still want to do both, that's cool with us.

who: Alessandro Masserdotti (ales9000), Massimo Banzi
FridayNov 19th10:00 - 13:00
where: Newton